jasy.env package


jasy.env.Context module

Global environment which is used by jasyscript.py files.

jasy.env.State module

This module is used to pass a single session instance around to different modules.

jasy.env.Task module

Tasks are basically functions with some managment code allow them to run in jasyscript.py.

jasy.env.Task.task(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Specifies that this function is a task.

jasy.env.Task.executeTask(taskname, **kwargs)[source]

Executes the given task by name with any optional named arguments.

jasy.env.Task.runTask(project, task, **kwargs)[source]

Executes the given task of the given projects.

This happens inside a new sandboxed session during which the current session is paused/resumed automatically.


Prints out a list of all avaible tasks and their descriptions.


Sets the jasy command which should be used to execute tasks with runTask()


Sets currently configured command line options.

Mainly used for printing help screens.


Returns the options as passed to the jasy command.

Useful for printing all command line arguments.

Module contents

Glue code used in jasyscript.py to have a convenient API on top of the full Jasy API.