Source code for jasy.item.Script

# Jasy - Web Tooling Framework
# Copyright 2010-2012 Zynga Inc.
# Copyright 2013-2014 Sebastian Werner

import os
import copy
import fnmatch
import re

import jasy.core.MetaData as MetaData
import jasy.core.Console as Console
import jasy.item.Abstract
import jasy.script.parse.Parser as Parser
import jasy.script.parse.ScopeScanner as ScopeScanner
import jasy.script.clean.DeadCode
import jasy.script.clean.Unused
import jasy.script.clean.Permutate
import jasy.script.optimize.Translation
import jasy.script.output.Optimization
import jasy.script.api.Data
import jasy.script.output.Compressor as Compressor
import jasy.script.util as Util

from jasy import UserError

    from pygments import highlight
    from pygments.lexers import JavascriptLexer
    from pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatter
    highlight = None

aliases = {}

[docs]def collectFields(node, keys=None): if keys is None: keys = set() # Always the first parameter # Supported calls: jasy.Env.isSet(key, expected?), jasy.Env.getValue(key),, map) calls = ("jasy.Env.isSet", "jasy.Env.getValue", "") if node.type == "dot" and node.parent.type == "call" and Util.assembleDot(node) in calls: stringNode = node.parent[1][0] if stringNode.type == "string": keys.add(stringNode.value) elif stringNode.type == "identifier": # Tolerate identifiers for supporting dynamic requests e.g. for asset placeholders pass else: raise Exception("Could not handle non string type in jasy.Env call at line: %s" % node.line) # Process children for child in reversed(node): if child is not None: collectFields(child, keys) return keys
[docs]class ScriptError(Exception): def __init__(self, inst, msg): self.__msg = msg self.__inst = inst def __str__(self): return "Error processing class %s: %s" % (self.__inst, self.__msg)
[docs]class ScriptItem(jasy.item.Abstract.AbstractItem): kind = "jasy.Script"
[docs] def generateId(self, relpath, package): """Generates the fileId of this item as being used by other modules.""" if package: fileId = "%s/" % package else: fileId = "" return (fileId + os.path.splitext(relpath)[0]).replace("/", ".")
def __getTree(self): """Returns the abstract syntax tree.""" field = "script:tree[%s]" % tree = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if not tree:"Processing class %s...", Console.colorize(, "bold")) Console.indent() tree = Parser.parse(self.getText(), ScopeScanner.scan(tree) Console.outdent() self.project.getCache().store(field, tree, self.mtime, True) return tree def __getOptimizedTree(self, permutation=None): """Returns an optimized tree with permutations applied.""" field = "script:opt-tree[%s]-%s" % (, permutation) tree = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if not tree: tree = copy.deepcopy(self.__getTree()) # Logging msg = "Optimizing class %s" % Console.colorize(, "bold") if permutation: msg += Console.colorize(" (%s)" % permutation, "grey")"%s..." % msg) Console.indent() # Apply permutation if permutation: Console.debug("Patching tree with permutation: %s", permutation) Console.indent() jasy.script.clean.Permutate.patch(tree, permutation) Console.outdent() # Cleanups jasy.script.clean.DeadCode.cleanup(tree) ScopeScanner.scan(tree) jasy.script.clean.Unused.cleanup(tree) self.project.getCache().store(field, tree, self.mtime, True) Console.outdent() return tree
[docs] def getBreaks(self, permutation=None, items=None): """ Returns all down-priorized dependencies. This are dependencies which are required to make the module work, but are not required being available before the current item. """ meta = self.getMetaData(permutation) result = set() for name in meta.breaks: if name != and name in items and items[name].kind == "jasy.Script": result.add(items[name]) elif "*" in name: reobj = re.compile(fnmatch.translate(name)) for className in items: if className != if reobj.match(className): result.add(items[className]) return result
[docs] def getDependencies(self, permutation=None, items=None, fields=None, warnings=True): """ Returns a set of dependencies seen through the given list of known classes (ignoring all unknown items in original set) and configured fields with their individual detection classes. This method also makes use of the meta data and the variable data. """ permutation = self.filterPermutation(permutation) meta = self.getMetaData(permutation) scope = self.getScopeData(permutation) result = set() # Match fields with current permutation and give detection classes # Add detection classes of fields which are accessed but not permutated # to the list of dependencies for this class. if fields: accessedFields = self.getFields() if accessedFields: for fieldName in accessedFields: if permutation is None or not permutation.has(fieldName): if fieldName in fields: result.add(fields[fieldName]) # Manually defined names/classes for name in meta.requires: if name != and name in items and items[name].kind == "jasy.Script": result.add(items[name]) elif "*" in name: reobj = re.compile(fnmatch.translate(name)) for className in items: if className != if reobj.match(className): result.add(items[className]) elif warnings: Console.warn("Missing class (required): %s in %s", name, # Globally modified names (mostly relevant when working without namespaces) for name in scope.shared: if name != and name in items and items[name].kind == "jasy.Script": result.add(items[name]) # Add classes from detected package access for package in scope.packages: if package in aliases: className = aliases[package] if className in items: result.add(items[className]) continue orig = package while True: if package == break elif package in items and items[package].kind == "jasy.Script": aliases[orig] = package result.add(items[package]) break else: pos = package.rfind(".") if pos == -1: break package = package[0:pos] # Manually excluded names/classes for name in meta.optionals: if name != and name in items and items[name].kind == "jasy.Script": result.remove(items[name]) elif warnings: Console.warn("Missing class (optional): %s in %s", name, return result
[docs] def getScopeData(self, permutation=None): """Returns the top level scope object which contains information about the global variable and package usage/influence.""" permutation = self.filterPermutation(permutation) field = "script:scope[%s]-%s" % (, permutation) scope = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if scope is None: scope = self.__getOptimizedTree(permutation).scope self.project.getCache().store(field, scope, self.mtime) return scope
[docs] def getApi(self, highlight=True): field = "script:api[%s]-%s" % (, highlight) apidata = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime, inMemory=False) if apidata is None: apidata = jasy.script.api.Data.ApiData(, highlight) tree = self.__getTree() Console.indent() apidata.scanTree(tree) Console.outdent() metaData = self.getMetaData() apidata.addAssets(metaData.assets) for require in metaData.requires: apidata.addUses(require) for optional in metaData.optionals: apidata.removeUses(optional) apidata.addFields(self.getFields()) self.project.getCache().store(field, apidata, self.mtime, inMemory=False) return apidata
[docs] def getHighlightedCode(self): field = "script:highlighted[%s]" % source = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if source is None: if highlight is None: raise UserError("Could not highlight JavaScript code! Please install Pygments.") lexer = JavascriptLexer(tabsize=2) formatter = HtmlFormatter(full=True, style="autumn", linenos="table", lineanchors="line") source = highlight(self.getText(), lexer, formatter) self.project.getCache().store(field, source, self.mtime) return source
[docs] def getMetaData(self, permutation=None): permutation = self.filterPermutation(permutation) field = "script:meta[%s]-%s" % (, permutation) meta = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if meta is None: meta = MetaData.MetaData(self.__getOptimizedTree(permutation)) self.project.getCache().store(field, meta, self.mtime) return meta
[docs] def getFields(self): field = "script:fields[%s]" % ( fields = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if fields is None: try: fields = collectFields(self.__getTree()) except Exception as ex: raise Exception("Unable to collect fields in file %s: %s" % (, ex)) self.project.getCache().store(field, fields, self.mtime) return fields
[docs] def getTranslations(self): field = "script:translations[%s]" % ( result = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if result is None: result = jasy.script.optimize.Translation.collectTranslations(self.__getTree()) self.project.getCache().store(field, result, self.mtime) return result
[docs] def filterPermutation(self, permutation): if permutation: fields = self.getFields() if fields: return permutation.filter(fields) return None
[docs] def getCompressed(self, profile): field = "script:compressed[%s]-%s" % (, profile.getId()) compressed = self.project.getCache().read(field, self.mtime) if compressed is None: permutation = self.filterPermutation(profile.getCurrentPermutation()) tree = self.__getOptimizedTree(permutation) translation = profile.getCurrentTranslation() optimization = profile.getCurrentOptimization() formatting = profile.getCurrentFormatting() if translation or optimization: tree = copy.deepcopy(tree) if translation: jasy.script.optimize.Translation.optimize(tree, translation) if optimization: try: optimization.apply(tree) except jasy.script.output.Optimization.Error as error: raise ScriptError(self, "Could not compress class! %s" % error) compressed = Compressor.Compressor(formatting).compress(tree) self.project.getCache().store(field, compressed, self.mtime) return compressed