Source code for jasy.item.Translation

# Jasy - Web Tooling Framework
# Copyright 2010-2012 Zynga Inc.
# Copyright 2013-2014 Sebastian Werner

import polib
import json
import os

import jasy.item.Abstract as AbstractItem
import jasy.core.Console as Console

[docs]def generateMessageId(basic, plural=None, context=None): """ Returns a unique message ID based on info typically stored in the code: id, plural, context """ result = basic if context is not None: result += "[C:%s]" % context elif plural: result += "[N:%s]" % plural return result
[docs]class TranslationItem(AbstractItem.AbstractItem): kind = "jasy.Translation" def __add__(self, other): self.table.update(other.getTable()) return self def __init__(self, project, id=None, package=None, table=None): # Call AbstractItem's init method first super().__init__(project, id, package) # Initialize translation table self.table = table or {}
[docs] def setId(self, id): # Overridden to set the language based on the fileId automatically super().setId(id) # Extract language from file ID # Thinking of that all files are named like de.po, de.txt,, etc. lang = if "." in lang: lang = lang[lang.rfind(".") + 1:] self.language = lang
[docs] def generateId(self, relpath, package): """Generates the fileId of this item as being used by other modules.""" if package: fileId = "%s/" % package else: fileId = "" return (fileId + os.path.splitext(relpath)[0]).replace("/", ".")
[docs] def attach(self, path): # Call AbstractItem's attach method first super().attach(path) Console.debug("Loading translation file: %s", path) Console.indent() # Flat data strucuture where the keys are unique table = {} path = self.getPath() # Decide infrastructure/parser to use based on file name po = polib.pofile(path) Console.debug("Translated messages: %s=%s%%", self.language, po.percent_translated()) for entry in po.translated_entries(): entryId = generateMessageId(entry.msgid, entry.msgid_plural, entry.msgctxt) if entryId not in table: if entry.msgstr != "": table[entryId] = entry.msgstr elif entry.msgstr_plural: # This field contains all different plural cases (type=dict) table[entryId] = entry.msgstr_plural Console.debug("Translation of %s entries ready" % len(table)) Console.outdent() self.table = table return self
[docs] def export(self, classes, formatted=True): """Exports the translation table as JSON based on the given set of classes.""" # Based on the given class list figure out which translations are actually used relevantTranslations = set() for classObj in classes: classTranslations = classObj.getTranslations() if classTranslations: relevantTranslations.update(classTranslations) # Produce new table which is filtered by relevant translations table = self.table result = {translationId: table[translationId] for translationId in relevantTranslations if translationId in table} if result: if formatted: return json.dumps(result, indent=2, sort_keys=True) else: return json.dumps(result, sort_keys=True)
[docs] def getTable(self): """Returns the translation table.""" return self.table
[docs] def getLanguage(self): """Returns the language of the translation file.""" return self.language