jasy.script package


jasy.script.Resolver module

class jasy.script.Resolver.Resolver(profile)[source]

Bases: jasy.abstract.Resolver.Resolver

addVirtual(name, text)[source]

Adds a virtual aka generated class to the resolver with the given name and text.

Please note: The file name is modified to contain a checksum of the content as a postfix. This keeps caches in-tact when using different contents for the same file name aka different sets of assets, translations, etc. The classname itself (which is modified here as said) is not so much of relevance because of the situation that the virtual class object is automatically added to the resolver (and sorter).


Returns a list of sorted classes.

jasy.script.Sorter module

class jasy.script.Sorter.Sorter(resolver)[source]

Bases: jasy.abstract.Sorter.AbstractSorter

Sorter for Script items.


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